Saturday, August 27, 2011

Frustation with Camtasia Mac 1.2 .2 Advanced Export

I was trying to export a video with Camtasia 1.2.2 for Mac OS X using the Advanced Export feature and was ending up with really garbled video. The standard export worked just fine, but with the inherit limitations that come from letting the program choose default settings. To make a long story short, I noticed that the Data Rate field had the most significant effect on the quality of the exported video. The default chosen by Camtasia was 256 kbps, which made the video unusable regardless if you selected different screen sizes, optimization targets, etc.. What does work? A data rate of at least 1024 kbps. What type of connection is needed to support this data rate. If you believe Camtasia, it recommends a T1 or 1.5 Mb/second connection to support a data rate of 1024 kbps, which most households in the US support today.

Consider this entry along the lines of,"The more you know...," PSA.



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